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For more information, and summaries of previous meetings please visit the Melbourne Perl Mongers page on PerlNet.

About Us

The Melbourne Perl Mongers have been running regular monthly meetings since December 2001. Some have featured visits by Dr Damian Conway (Perl 6 language designer and author of a great many Perl 5 modules), Brent Chapman (author of Majordomo), Stas Bekman (of mod_perl), Andrew Savige (author of Acme::Eyedrops) and many other interesting people.

To find out what's happening at the next meeting: join our mailing list. If you'd like to do a talk, please volunteer. We're very friendly.

Open Source Developers' Conference

Melbourne Perl Mongers is a big supporter of Australia's Open Source Developers' Conference. This conference has been a huge success for the Australian Open Source community since 2004 and always includes streams for Perl, Python, PHP, Mono and other Open Source programming tools. For more information about the conference visit the OSDC website.

Open Source Developers' Club

The 2004 Open Source Developers' Conference was a huge success in bringing together programmers of many programming languages. Thus, in March 2005, Melbourne Perl Mongers chose to share its meetings with a new group: the Open Source Developers' Club. The focus of these meetings is to discuss technologies common to all attendees such as databases and data formats.

OSDClub meetings run on a bimonthly basis and are hosted by various open source language user groups in Melbourne, including Melbourne Perl Mongers and the Melbourne PHP Users Group.

For information on when and where the next OSDClub meeting will be, see the OSDClub webpage.

Meeting Location

Some Melbourne Perl Monger meetings are shared with the Open Source Developers' Club. (See "About Us" panel for more information).

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm.
1/678 Victoria Street
East Richmond


Check the mailing list for whether December or January meetings are expected to run.

Past meetings

For a summary of past meetings, future meeting plans and other related information, visit the Melbourne Perl Monger page on PerlNet (an Australian Perl portal site).

Mailing list

The best way to get involved is to join our mailing list.

For more information, please also see the Melbourne Perl Mongers page on PerlNet.

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