About Us

The Melbourne Perl Mongers have been running regular monthly meetings since December 2001. Some have featured visits by Dr Damian Conway, Brent Chapman, Jesse Vincent, Michael Schwern, Stas Bekman, Ingy döt Net, Andrew Savige, and many other interesting people.

To find out what's happening at the next meeting: join our mailing list. If you'd like to do a talk, please volunteer.

Discussion Forums

We have various places you can have discussions with other Melbourne Perl mongers. In descending order of activity:

Open Source Developers’ Conferences

Melbourne Perl Mongers is a big supporter of Australia’s Open Source Developers’ Conference. This conference has been a huge success for the Australian Open Source community since 2004 and always includes streams for Perl, Python, PHP, Mono and other Open Source programming tools. For more information about the conference visit the OSDC website.

February 2016 Meeting

Ricardo Signes (perl 5 pumpking) will be giving a talk titled "1.21 Gigawatts"

Tuesday 23rd Feb. Starting 6.30pm at FastMail


Meetings are held every month, on the second Wednesday of that month, at 6:30pm. They are usually held at one of these locations:

Strategic Data
Level 2
51-55 Johnston street
Level 1
91-97 William Street
Melbourne CBD